Tolliver's Angel Fund


Ever wonder how we take care of all of the stray kittens and cats you see in our reception area? We fund a lot of their care ourselves, but Dr. Marsden created this fund in dedication to a kitty with a huge heart: Tolliver! This fund, named after the kitty that Dr. Marsden adopted during her college years from a Feline Nutrition Research Facility, was white, blue-eyed and deaf. He loved everybody including kittens, dogs, baby robins, even squirrels! PPVC takes donations and adoption fees in honor of Tolliver as a way for caring people to help these kitties get into forever homes. We have a donation box on the reception desk for spare change and can also take checks, cash or credit for larger amounts. We hope to create a non-profit by the beginning of 2020 so that your contributions can be tax deductible. Your help is always gratefully accepted. Thank you!


Call to make an appointment to meet any of the kitties: 719-475-1747.

Adoption fee is usually $75 to help with the costs of care and food.

PPVC requires that you fill out adoption paperwork that will be reviewed by our staff. 


Current Adoptables!


Jams and Jellies for Tolliver



Sweet treats to support Tolliver's Fund!

Come and pick out your favorite flavors of homemade jellies and butters including apple butter,

blushing grape jelly, plum jelly, chokecherry jelly, chokecherry syrup and ginger peach jelly. 

We are offering these on a donation basis. All proceeds go directly to caring for animals who land on our doorstep needing a home. 




Peter Parker is Still Available!

Plus six adorable black kittens are on the way! 

Six black kittens just joined us and will be up for adoption as soon as they are cleared. Watch for details! Adoption fee: $75.00 each. 


Hercules **UPDATE**

You may see Hercules with us through some of July, but we believe he is going home near the end of July with one of our long-time clients. We'll let you know if that changes.